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Monday, August 16, 2010


The day you've been waiting, hoping, and praying for is finally here. You can now buy a copy of BUBBLING UNDER.

You may be asking, "why should I buy this compact disc?" or "what's so special about records that didn't even make the top 100?". Well, listen here, like I've said before, the best records didn't even come close to charting in the Top 100, and we've got 32 reasons to prove it!


-A CD packed with 32 tracks that bubbled under the Billboard Charts between the glorious years 1961-1964.

-32 page full color (or is it colour?) booklet jam packed with fabulous pictures of your favorite 60s stars and a very informative essay written by Mike Edwards.

-All tracks lovingly remastered by that character Johnny Gee from down in the dungeon of the Rare Rockin Records studio painstakingly discovering lost and rare audio gems.


When you buy the BUBBLING UNDER compact disc on RARE ROCKIN RECORDS, it's like buying an assorted box of chocolates with different flavors, so to speak. Check it out-

-Teen Idols (Dion, Del Shannon, Johnny Burnette)
-R&B superstars (Jackie Wilson, Johnny Nash)
-60s Child Actors (Johnny Crawford, Eddie Hodges)
-Doo Wop (The Five Satins, The Roommates)
-Girls! (The Murmaids, Linda Lloyd)
-Teen/Pop Vocal Groups (Barry & The Tamerlanes, The Cascades).

And really, there is so much more. It's totally worth it. Just buy it. Do it. Please. It's good. Really good. Honestly. I wouldn't lie to you. Or would I? Naaaah, I wouldn't.

You can purchase this compact disc direct from Ash @ RRR if you click RIGHT HERE