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Wednesday, July 13, 2011


On the heels of RRR's Billy Meshel disc, we are proud to present a brand new release on Teensville: "Hits & Rarities" by the fabulous Paul Petersen.

This is a great release on so many levels! First of all, there's 31 tracks here, the most comprehensive collection of Paul yet.

Out of all the tracks, Teensville is presenting 10 in superb sounding stereo, while the rest are in punchy and vibrant mono.

There are also 4 unreleased tracks - the great teener "Quarantine" (presented here in two versions, including rad studio chatter), the group sounding "I Wanna Be Free" (featured in an episode of The Donna Reed Show, but never released on record), and the somber "Two Little Boys".

Of course the hits are here - "My Dad", "Lollipops and Roses", "She Can't Find Her Keys", "Keep Your Love Locked".....

If you are only familiar with the hits side of Paul Petersen, you will be delighted to find many hidden gems on this CD. For instance, there's "Amy", written by Mann-Weil, which was so good that Barry later recorded it for himself. Paul's version of "The Poorest Boy In Town" is incuded too. You might know it by Johnny Burnette.

Beach Boys fans rejoyce - "She Rides With Me" is Track #9 - it's written by Brian Wilson and Roger Christian.

You will also hear a couple cuts Paul cut for a Colpix album of "Bye Bye Birdie" songs, and even a brief look at his stint at Motown Records in the late sixties.'

The music isn't the only great thing about this collection - the booklet is outstanding! Many pictures of Paul and full information about the tracks. The liner notes are by Brian Gari (check out his own music at, detailing Paul's career in the biz with some funny antedotes.

You can buy Paul Petersen's "Hits and Rarities" direct at the RARE ROCKIN RECORDS SHOP (just click it!)

Saturday, July 9, 2011

(Non RRR Related) Power Pop Duo 'The Red Button'

Hi folks,

As a quick aside from the news about upcoming releases from Rare Rockin' Records and Teensville, I'd like to direct you to the latest album by the The Red Button.

The Red Button (Seth Swirksy and Mike Ruekberg), if you don't know, are one of the most promising and talented artists in a genre known as power pop. 60s styled pop with a bit of an updated edge, if you like.

Their new, second album, entitled "As Far As Yesterday Goes", was released recently. It's simply a delight to listen to. In these heavy times, a 12-track breezy pop album hits the spot.

My favorite track is actually the album opener, "Caught In The Middle". It's upbeat and catchy as hell - images of Black & White moptops and girls chasing them come to mind! There's also a wicked, Dylan-esque harmonica recurring throug the intro and solo. The title track employs a Ringo-like drum beat (see 'Anna' or 'In My Life') with sections of Brian Wilson falsetto. Can't go wrong there...

"Picture" is a soft and wistful track about a love gone wrong. It reminds one of something off of The Hollies' "Butterfly" album. "Girl Don't" is another one of my favorites, an updated Merseybeat track with jangly guitars and pitch-perfect harmonies. Kinda Searchers-y!

Other standouts here include "On A Summer's Day", sounding like a cross between Mark Bacino and Harry Nillson - or the reggae and pop concoction of "You Do Something To Me" -or the uptempo "I Can't Forget", with a great opening lyric of 'It was a day she won't remember, it was a night I can't forget'.....

Check out The Red Button at their official website (, where you can order both their albums.