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Monday, March 7, 2011


I just got my copy of the new TEENSVILLE release 'BRITISH TEEN RARITIES', and let me tell ya, you're in for a treat!

Guys and gals,

The artwork is colorful and flashy - the theme is red, white, and blue - the colors of the UK flag, of course. Inside you can see many pictures of the artists and fascinating label scans.

The sound is top notch, all of the power and punch of the UK 45s are right here on this compact disc.

The music is the most important part, though, isn't it? No need to worry. There are 30 UK Top Teen Tracks from 1960-1965 here, and it sure doesn't dissapoint.

The disc starts out with Peter Gordeno singing his version of the Laddins USA doo wop track "I'll Kiss Your Teardrops Away". Peter adds a teen flair to the track and it really works. Teen fan-favorite Jimmy Crawford is up next with a new-to-CD gem, "Thank You". Actually, almost all of these tracks are new-to-CD, which is a delight to collectors all around the globe.

Jan Burnette is the first girl in the set and sings a nice string-laden track entitled "Til I Hear The Truth From You". Brad Newman sings a Bobby Vee-inspired track, "I'll Find You Another Baby", and actor/singer Brian Weske does the Wayne Rooks (USA version) classic "Where Does The Clown Go?".

Collectors will love the inclusion of the next track on the CD - "Keep On Lovin' Me" by the Kaye Sisters. It is a great girl-group track with a nonstop beat and honking saxes. After two nice tunes by Dean Stevens and David Macbeth, a change of pace is in order with Josh Hanna's "When I Love You". Not much is known about Josh but he has a killer voice and a great range.

Lance Fortune (great name for an artist, isn't it?), continues in that Bobby Vee mode from earlier with the bouncy "Will You Still Be My Girl". A Spector-influenced gem from Lynda Graham, "You'd Better Believe It" follows.

That's only roughly 1/3rd of the CD, but buy it to find out what the others sound like! You won't be dissapointed.

Buy British Teen Rarities 1960-1965 HERE.