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Tuesday, December 28, 2010


A great new TEENSVILLE release - Lesley Gore, direct from the masters, with many tunes and versions you simply haven't heard before!

Hear LOOK OF LOVE, sleigh bells version, unfaded! TWO previously unreleased Gore tracks! Plenty more where that came from - It doesn't get much better, folks.

1. Look Of Love
2. All Of My Life
3. I Won’t Love You Anymore (Sorry)
4. We Know We’re In Love
5. Young Love
6. Treat Me Like A Lady
7. Summer And Sandy
8. Brink Of Disaster (stereo)
9. Magic Colors
10. Small Talk
11. He Gives Me Love (La La La)
12. I Can’t Make It Without You
13. 98.6/ Lazy Day
14. Summer Symphony
15. You Don’t Own Me (Italian)
16. Judy’s Turn To Cry (Italian)
17. If Our Songs Still Make (Why Can’t We?)
18. America’s Sweetheart

Pre-order now at the Rare Rockin' Records shop!

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