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Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Waiting for the upcoming “Made In California” 6CD Beach Boys box? Anxious to hear some summer sounds before the end of August? Look no further – The Bamboo Trading Company is here.

This isn’t your standard California "tribute" type album - nothing of the sort. First of all, let’s clear the mystery up. The Bamboo Trading Company features:

Gary Griffin
Matt Jardine
Phillip Bardowell
Randell Kirsch
Chris English
Miami Dan Yoe

If you’re a Beach Boys fan, you’re likely to recognize most of the above names. And, yeah…Matt Jardine is indeed the son of Al. As if that wasn’t enough, the album, the self-titled album featured guest spots by THE David Marks, Dean Torrence, Beach Boys archivist Alan Boyd, and Brian Wilson Band/Wondermint member Probyn Gregory.

With a line-up like that, how could you go wrong? There’s plenty of wonderful things about this record. What I really like about it, though, is that it’s joyous. It’s forty minutes of fun.

Highlights include:

“Kitty Hawk” – a nice, laid back medium-tempo pop tune which features some tasty sitar/zither-like playing. Recalls the old B.J Thomas records of the late 60s.

“Tweet (Don’t Talk Anymore)” – a funny ode to the Twitter generation, bathed in glorious stacked harmonies and Wilson-esque percussion touches. The tempo changes a few times and the harmonies that swell around the bridge are phenomenal. “I’ll shoot you an IM to settle the score….”

“Drinkin’ In The Sunshine” brings to mind Friends-era BBs. The simple feeling of laying in the sun, perhaps on the beach with an ice cold drink? Nothing better.

Listen to “Star of The Beach” (which, according to the sleevenotes, was featured in the movie “Return of The Killer Shrews” - hmm) and you’ll hear some really nice guitar work by David Marks.

Matt Jardine turns in an impressive vocal on “I’ve Always Loved The Ocean”, with a reflective lyric about a hit maker’s younger days.

Those are only a select few – there’s half a dozen songs I haven’t even mentioned. Check them out for yourself. You can find out even more about The Bamboo Trading Company at

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