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Saturday, February 13, 2010

How Music Blogs Should Really Work - Help promote Oldies Music!

If you are reading this, you most likely love to discover new music and rarities of the 50's and 60's. Well, with recent innovations and the advent of greater computer technology - it is now easier then ever before to discover new music because of mp3's and download sites.. Whilst this is a great thing for the general consumer and music lover, It has become a real problem for many of the record labels and reissuers because now they have to contend with many blogs and sites that are posting full downloads of their cd's which is affecting sales . I'm not focusing on any legal argument here as sometimes it is way to complex, But what My main gripe is, Is a basic lack of ethics... See, Labels like ACE, Bear Family work very hard to compile these cd packages. They involve lots of research, time and money and so it's very frustrating and dissapointing that these blogs or download sites can just post these products so easily for FREE. Surely, This is so unethical and plain wrong to basically grab someone's product and just post for free to anyone that visits a blog or download site. As I said earlier, I'm not even talking about the legal issues which that in itself is wrong as Mostly these labels do pay licensing and masters fees BUT I'd rather focus on the fact it's just cheating and plain unethical that anyone can copy someone's hard work and make it available for FREE with no further thought given to their actions. I know it must be very tempting and of course, how can you really be blamed for downloading FREE music especially If it looks like some really awesome music, Once again.. The real blame is on the person who created the BLOG and posted the actual material...not as much on those leaches that just download. I'm just hoping to educate and make everyone realise that by downloading the material it really is causing more harm then good... Even the Bigger labels are struggling and it hurts the small independant labels even more so as they don't have the funds or resources so it's naturally felt more. Don't people realise the music was compiled and researched by record labels and companies for collectors and lovers of the music. Sure, FREE would be good, BUT these products costs $$$$ to produce and in any case, It's not fair for these blogs to post them for free, it's not their call to do so.

Now, What we want to do here at Rare Rockin' Records is give these labels extra promotion and yes, we will even make available some downloads, BUT only sound samples and this way you can still appreciate the music and decide for yourself If it is worth buying...
Wouldn't you think those BLOGS that allow full downloads should really do this and actually help promote the industry.. If they just showed snippets of material then there wouldn't be a problem as they'd actually be promoting the material for collectors.

The Sad thing is, These download blogs instead blame the very companies that have shaped and help bring RARE music to the world... They actually claim cd prices are too expensive or that these cd's are not made available in shops etc... Real collectors and lovers of the music know this is absolutely crap and the truth is, those that visit these blogs more then likely only visit to actually download FREE music.. Only a very select few go on their to SAMPLE, because lets face it.. If you can download the full cd's then how is that sampling.? You are actually getting the complete album..... So why would they then go and buy the cd later on...??Well, The only saving grace for the record labels is - Most of the time, the blogs Only have the FRONT and maybe BACK cover art, so The true collectors will want to have the nice booklets that more then often have liner notes and/ or label scans and artists pics so they will still buy the cd's to have the complete package in their possession.

So, what Is the answer to this sometimes complex but very concerning issue ??
I'd like your thoughts... I'm not trying to act as a crusader, Rather just ensure the wider community that these blogs exist and whilst they may not think of the consequences, the truth Is The 50's and 60's CD and Oldies Music Industry is struggling enough already with the older generation slowly dying BUT It's the advent of these Blogs and download sites that just steal the labels material and offer for FREE downloads that is really hurting the CD Industry... Without these Record/ CD labels You wouldn't even have the material so in the long run, these people that post the FREE downloads are only hurting the very music they claim to love and want to share.. Sure, sharing is cool with friends and with your own PRIVATE material you may have collated, BUT If you are POSTING ACTUAL CD RELEASES FROM RECORD LABELS. This is at the very least UNETHICAL AND WRONG and at worst actually stealing and Illegal due to many of the labels that actually pay licenses to issue the material in the first place.
So, Without further Ado, let the discussions start. We will also combat this, By putting up info on CD releases, but the difference is --- We will Openly Tell you the Record label that releases the cd and also give links on the labels website and where to buy the cd.. We will only share Samples of the material, NOT provide Full downloads of songs ( Unless they are from Rare Rockin' Records OR unless we have direct permission from the labels themselves) so You can easily look and listen and work out if you may want to purchase down the line. It's our way of giving a little back, hopefully to the record labels, but still giving the music lover a good taste of the music and products..
Long Live 50's and 60's Rock and Roll!!!!


  1. Thanks to Ash for the wonderful, insightful posting.

    I completely agree. It's very tempting to not try to find the albums you want on the internet...hey, money doesn't gwo off of trees, right?

    Before downloading an album for free, make sure you think about how hard the artist(s) and label worked to give you that product. If someone found your wallet that you lost, wouldn't you give them a reward???? The same thing goes with purchasing a compact disc vs. downloading it for free. If they would be making money if you bought the CD, it isn't really fair to not reward them and give them what they deserve.

    What do you guys REALLY think? All comments are welcome and wanted.

  2. Very good post on the subject of illegal downloads.

    I just dicovered your blog and after reading some of the great interviews went to the first post. It touches on some of the things I have been thinking of for a while now. I´ve been posting some very obscure 45´s from around the world on my blog Berlin Beatet Bestes for the past three years and I also post the songs for download. I always checked the internet if these songs have ever been re-released and if they were, have not posted them. My focus is on material that is too bad or strange to be of any commercial value these days: private pressings, advertisement records or just plain weird stuff. Mostly no rockabilly, rock´n´roll, garage or soul music. No cool stuff.

    Only recently I have gotten a little less strict about my ethics, because I seems that nobody shares my attitude. There are a million other bloggers who post recently released CDs. That´s plain stealing. I still buy a lot of recently released vinyl 45´s and LP´s and of course old records too. A real music fan( a fanatic!)needs the real material. You´re not a fan if you only download the music you supposedly care so much for.

    Music blogs could use the advantage of "publishing" obscure material that has never entered the digital world. That´s my ambition. But if I had to go through the proper legal channels most of the music I post would never be heard. Okay, maybe it doesn´t need to be heard, but so far I only got very supporting feedback from some of the artists that I posted. Some even said, that they´re glad I did, because they never had a digital file of their records, they don´t hold the copyrights either and if they´re not cult artists a re-release of their music is very unlikely. On the other hand, technically I still sit in the same boat with all of these awful Napsterblogs.

    Right now I have no answer for this problem. Maybe we should all start a "Music Blogs With Ethics" group? But then I might not even be even fit to be a member of that group...

    Greetings from Berlin