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Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Senti-Mentals - Who Knows, Who Cares ?

We know there are many great modern groups keeping the oldies sounds alive especially in the name of doo wop. Another fantastic group "The Senti-Mentals" from the UK are another that fabulously combine elements of Jazz/swing/ doo wop/ Big Band and Ska sound and it all fits together perfectly. Their very latest cd offering "Who Know's, Who Cares" was released late last year, 2009 and I was lucky to sample a copy from John Dobinson, who is the key songwriter and arranger for the group as well as his fantastic work on piano and Saxaphone. Roomates fans will also notice that the legendary Steve Webb is also a part of this group singing backing vocals throughout the recordings. His fantastic Tenor Vocals and Choir voice is ever present.

Click below Song titles for samples from this great cd -

Bye Bye baby
Just Like Lovers Do
For The Last Time
Get Over You
Take The Bull By The Horns
Warning Bells
A Horse To Water

Check out : for more info and where to order this fantastic cd
For All Live Bookings or master and publishing Enquiries and clearances please contact John Dobinson, email :

1 comment:

  1. Listen to those samples, guys! If you love The Roomates, Crystalairs, or even if you are just a regular doo wop fanatic, this CD is a must own!

    Getting a copy is high on my priority list, these doo-woppers are great!