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Friday, March 26, 2010


The Crystalairs from Germany. The Roomates from England. And now The Earth Angels from Spain.

Sitting here in the USA, it seems that the best vocal groups come from far-off lands. Must be something in the air over there....

While The Roomates and The Crystalairs are seasoned pros, The Earth Angels are newcomers to the doo wop world. They have just released their debut album, Street Corner Style, which will soon be regarded as one of the harmony classics, right up there with Lost On Belmont Ave and The Whole Wide World.

The Earth Angels are Jordi, Christian, and Joan. They dress like doo woppers. They look like doo woppers. And most important of all, they sing like doo woppers!

Before I get to the actual music, I just to note that this CD comes with a full 32 page booklet crammed with biographical information, pictures, and all the lyrics to the songs contained within.

The mix is just right, the simple combo of bass, drums, guitar, and sax are not to overpowering. The lead vocals of Jordi are crystal clear, and you can't miss Joan and Christian singing the tra la las and doo be doos.

OK, now on to the actual music. There are 17 songs on Street Corner Style. I'm proud to say that there isn't a stinker among them. While I could write a brief description for each song, I would rather write in detail about three of my favorites.


This is the song that opens the disc. I have known the original by The Decoys for years. On that version, the sound is crude and raw, yet there is something compelling about the melody and theme.

What The Earth Angels have done here, is take away the crudeness and rawness, and polish it up to it's full potential. Jordi's opening lines, "Tomorrow, will you love me? As you loved me, loved me tonight?" bring thoughts of The Shirelles, and it wouldn't be hard to imagine The Shirelles singing this song. I'm not sure they could have done as well with it as The Earth Angels have though! It's simply a great way to open their debut album.


This is the only original composition on the disc. I am sure glad they included it!!! It's written with love and care, and is true to the doo wop sound. It's instantly catchy and I consider it the "single" off of the CD. If you like The Belmonts, The Earls, or any of the New York Doo Wop groups, you are bound to love this.

And the best part is, there are TWO versions on the CD! Track 4 contains the version with instruments, and Track 17 features The Earth Angels singing their original song accapella, street corner style.


One way that I like to judge new, modern vocal groups is to see if their remake of a song lives up to the original.

Just One More Chance by The Demensions is very close to my heart. I remember when I first heard it. It was on the local station that plays doo wop every weekend. I can still imagine when I heard the falsetto and the trademark white doo wop sound. I just had to have it! But, the station DJ never announced who the artist was. I figured I would never find out who it was. But then, a month or two later, I purchased a various artists Doo Wop CD. When I played it, I found out that "my" song was there! And it has remained one of my favorites ever since.

I was never aware of any other versions until I heard The Earth Angels sing it. It just blew me away. The falsetto, background vocals, and production are true to the original, yet still in a unique style, now to be known as the Earth Angels Sound. Now I have trouble deciding which version I like more!!

You can buy The Earth Angels - Street Corner Style CD direct from Rare Rockin' Records HERE. Enjoy it - it's a great one!


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