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Friday, March 5, 2010


Ladies and gentlemen, you are in for a treat! RRR presents an interview with the great, legendary, TRADE MARTIN!!! Trade is a great guy, and I think all you 60s music lovers will enjoy the questions and answers.

Here we go:

Kyler: How did you get into the music business?

TRADE: I was introduced to my first manager, lyricist, Ed Miller who wrote, "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck"...., he heard some early demos of mine.and I started by singing Elvis demos for him.

Kyler:You recorded The Earls and many other doo-wop groups in the early 60s for Rome Records. How was it working with all those groups?

TRADE: Not many, just a few. My partner Johnny Power and I first discovered the Earls and they were initially released on our own record label "ROME".

Kyler:Moving onto your Coed Records period, how did you get noticed and signed by Coed?

TRADE:Through my manager, Ed Miller. Before that, he got me a deal as a solo guitarist on Roulette.

Kyler:Your first record for Coed, “That Stranger Used To Be My Girl”, is one of the best teen/pop records of the 60s. Do you have any remembrances about the recording or anything in general about the song?

TRADE:Yes......, I didn't write or arrange it, but it was my specific idea to have a tuba solo in it.

Kyler:You appeared on American Bandstand when “That Stranger” went Top 30. How did it feel to be on that classic show?

TRADE:Of course it was exciting performing there and going over to the famous autograph table.. Dick Clark is a nice fellow. A few months later, I appeared on his syndicated radio show in a guest panel with Nancy Sinatra and Jimmy Dean.

Kyler:On many of your Coed sides, I can hear touches of Dion. How much did he influence you during this time period?

TRADE:Dion's great and a good guy too. I recall playing guitar on one of his albums (none of his hits) when I was a prominent New York studio guitarist. Vocally, I didn't sound like Dion at all...., it's just that my recordings did have the same 'hand-clapping' feel that was very hot in those days.

Kyler:One of my all time favorite songs of yours is one you did in 1962 called “Strategy”. Any info behind that?

TRADE:I liked that one too. We put a tuba solo in it. I didn't write it either...., a fine Coed staff arranger & friend, Fred Weismantle arranged it like he did my 'Stranger' hit.

Kyler:In 1964, you released “Spend Your Life With Me”. It has a classic Wall of Sound style backing. We love it! Were you going for a Phil Spector sound on this track?

TRADE: Yes, I was...., but I didn't want it to be over bearing...., so I kind of went, "wall of sound" 'lite. You know.I was a studio guitarist on many of Phil's sessions in New York and I was part of, and actually witnessed the secrets and the 'construction' of his "wall of sound."

Kyler:Your last release for Coed was “Joanne”, your most doo-wop sounding record. It was released smack dab in the middle of the British Invasion. Was it hard competing against all the British groups?

TRADE:It sure was...., radio stations were swarmed with those very commercial records at the time, and it made it very difficult for some American artists like yours truly. But we had to accept that the 'British Sound' was the new trend. The really weird part of it was that all of our early rockabilly & bluesy rock n ' roll records had greatly influenced their British sound invasion.

Kyler:You played guitar on many classic 60s productions. Do you have any favorites?

TRADE:Yes, the original Twist & Shout by the Isleys & "Cherry, Cherry" by Neil Diamond.

Kyler: Finally Trade, what are you up to these days?

TRADE: Kyler, I write and record my own stuff 24/7. I have a number of new CDs on Amazon and lots of downloads on I-Tunes. Once in a while I produce a major artist like the legendary B.B. King. I'm currently working on a few great original duets that I sing back & forth with him. They will be released soon. Please check out TRADEMARTINMUSIC.COM & my YOUTUBE videos

We hope you enjoyed the interview! I would like to give a big, heartfelt thank you to Mr. Trade Martin for kindly answering all the questions. And please check out his website and music, he is simply one of the greatest!


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